Multiple Targets?

Hi there,

is it possible to track more than one targets? If I am not mistaken Vuforia allows up to 5? If there is information/example on this, I do apologize, I have not found it.

Best, /Panos

Currently not possible; one of the Vuforia features we haven’t “gotten to” yet. (It’s actually partly implemented)

Someone else recently mentioned this, there may already be an issue open on the Argon4 GitHub repo ( if you want to +1 it.

I’m sure we’ll get to this, but we’d also take a pull request on the source that fixes it! :slight_smile:

Hello Blair,

Thank you for the input, I am very much interested in seeing multiple targets working. I will +1 the repo! I am currently working on some data-vis projects that work with Argon (will forward info when we get it working!) and would be nice to see lots of targets, to work on more interaction.


We’re working on it now. I’m not sure how many targets Vuforia can track at once, but if Vuforia can handle it, Argon4 should be able to do it too.