Managing split view and assign view to div



Im building a utility network viewer with argon.js and looking for the possibility to manage a split view and assigning the view to a div. Is this possible(assume it is since Viewer Mode is available) and how can you do it?

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Hi Oscar, assuming I understand what you want to do, yes this is possible. Please take a look at this example, which lets you switch between an embedded view, full screen view, or full screen stereo view. Is this similar to what you want to achieve?



thanks for a quick respons!

I’m not sure if thats what im looking for. This is a link to my code:

It contains a 2D, 3D and a combined view. In the combined view(the link above) I want to replace the top map with the camera. So you can see the camera/AR data on half of the screen and simultaneously have a plain map on the other half. Now the camera is behind all my code and is full screen. The code is written for ipad.