Issue with hosting Argon on goDaddy

i have this page on goDaddy which is not taking the camera video input nor it is asking the user for using camera.

but the same in Google cloud instance this works completely fine.
both have same code snippet.

anyone faced the same issue?? help needed!!!

First link doesn’t work at all for me (as in, Firefox says it can’t connect to it).

Not sure what your web browser is. Firefox on Mac works; Safari doesn’t because it doesn’t allow camera on http connections; using https reveals godaddy is serving up an invalid certificate.

You need to make sure your stuff is using https and that it’s using real, valid certs.

thanks a lot sir!! Helped me alot. By the way i was encountering this problem with Chrome and Safari

All the browsers are moving toward requiring HTTPS to have things like geospatial, cameras, and soon WebXR, work. With Lets Encypt supported by most hosting services, you should be able to get a valid cert pretty easily.

Take a look at the console, there are errors being reported. (sorry, I don’t have time to help debug this).