Facing problem while implementing grid view for my project

I am using periodic table helix view with grid format in spherical animation on web for my project and is not able to achieve desired result. I want to show the grid form tile in a 3X3 format from top to bottom with rest of features on/off in it. I am attaching a screenshot of how it is looking now, I need to bring the grid below “search” bar (Kindly refer screenshot) and show it in a 3X3 format for 19 grid tiles.

Kindly suggest me how can i achieve it.

I am also sharing URL for your consideration. Kindly let me know if we can connect on Skype for a quick conversation.


Hi. I’m not sure of what you are asking. We can’t really provide much help with three.js or other application-level issues; the code you are basing that off is mostly just taken directly from a three.js demo.

Are you using Argon4, or Safari (it looks like Safari)?

Overall, it looks like you need to do one or both of:

  • change which subset of the helix you are using (select a lower one by changing the loop parameters)
  • shift the center of the helix down (translate the origin of the helix down)