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We will post announcements about argon.js and Argon4 here.

Getting Started

This is a great place to ask questions about how to get started with argon.js and creating AR experiences on the web. Trying to create your first simple example? Questions about a tutorial? Search through the older questions to see if there's already an answer, or go ahead and start a discussion and hopefully someone will answer your questions!

Tips and Tricks

Discover something cool to do with Argon4 or argon.js that you want to share? Figured out a way to do something that you think a lot of people might want to know about? Are there other web libraries or tools that work great with argon.js, or can work if you integrate them in just the right way?


Discussion of argon.js, the Javascript framework for building cross-platform AR experiences.


This is a great place to discuss the Argon4 application itself. Have a suggestion for the app? Found what you think is a bug? Problems with or suggestions for the UI? We'd love to hear from you!

Web AR

Use this category to discuss topics related to doing AR on the web that may extend beyond argon.js and Argon4. As part of our long term goals for Argon4 and argon.js, we are interested in understanding what is possible (and desirable) on the Web, and discussing how the platform needs to evolve to support AR more fully. Feel free to ask questions, posit solutions or discuss concerns of opportunities you see for the AR on the Web.


Argon4 integrates the Vuforia library for computer vision tracking, making it possible to do vision-based AR with the web. Use this category to discuss issues with using Vuforia and Argon4.

Geospatial AR

Augmented Reality is all about putting virtual things in the world around us. Using spatial information about where the use is and where objects are in the world, at the scale of a street, a city or the whole planet, is one big way to do this. argon.js tries to make this as easy as possible, and this is a great place to discuss issues or ideas related to doing AR out in the world using geo-spatial coordinates.


AFrame is a web framework for building virtual reality experiences, created at Mozilla (see AFrame is designed to make WebVR with HTML and Entity-Component architecture. It works on the Vive, Rift, desktop, mobile platforms, and we have integrated it with argon.js. This is a great place to discuss using AFrame and argon.js.

3D Graphics

Argon4 and argon.js are designed to let web developers place 3D graphics in the world around the user. The libraries do not require any particular 3D graphics library to be used, so developers can integrate argon.js with any WebGL or HTML/CSS3 based libraries, such as three.js. This is a good place to start a discussion about how to put 3D content in the world.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.